Graphic Design

Mapping the Cosmos

In celebration of the 6th CODEX Symposium, I worked with the Codex Foundation to organize the second CODEX Assembly/Exchange, Mapping the Cosmos. A carefully curated anthology of commissioned maps and cosmological meditations from thirty-three of the best and most imaginative artists and printers practicing today, Mapping the Cosmos is sold to support the Codex Foundation's mission to provide artists, bibliophiles, collectors, and curators access to an international and reliable marketplace for extraordinary books and ideas. 

From designing the overall branding to the layout of the introductory essay, artist colophons, box book plates and project prospectus, I worked hand-in-hand with CODEX executive director Peter Koch and project director Dina Pollack to bring the Assembly/Exchange to fruition. 

The work was exhibited at CODEX 2017, has been purchased by numerous national and international collections.

You can also read more about the project on the CODEX Foundation website.