Graphic Design


LOVI is an innovative fashion start-up committed to revolutionizing the way that native Sri Lankas are able to wear their traditional dress in a way that accomodates modern lifestyles. LOVI launched the world's first patent-pending sarongs designed with built-in pockets, belts, and many other improvements to suit the active lifestyles of modern Sri Lankans, and have since expanded into other lines of clothing as well. 

LOVI'S founder, Asanka De Mel, writes "While internet technology makes our world smaller, more connected, and permeates through all realms of our lives, this new generation is seeking personal identity. “We [Sri Lankans] are seeking a way to define ourselves within that new global ecosystem. We’ve got choices. Will our new post-war culture be an inclusive melting pot?” Our daily costume tells a story about where and what we come from. LOVI is an opportunity to create something inclusive and the chance to make a statement for Sri Lanka within this new world context. It’s a garment that is made for everyone independent of religion, financial standing, age, size, or girth of belly—it’s ideal for any citizen of the world." 

I collaborated with LOVI because of their committment to honoring cultural traditions in modern contexts, and to supporting artists who produce handcrafted, wearable, works of art. Our collaboration included development of the LOVI brand and logo, press kit, lookbooks, tags, packaging, signage and more.