Artist Books


The purpose of this book, created in partnership with artist Alessandra Echeverri, is to convey the reality of the sex trafficking trade; to educate viewers/readers about the existence of this unimaginable crime; to express the horror that victims of sex trafficking experience; to bring awareness to the plight of those victims: women and children; and to urge viewers to do something, and take a stand, against the problem.

The structure of the book is a modified accordion utilizing a snake fold. The covers are plexiglas, attached with hinges, and the inside pages consist of mirror and bookboard with screenprinted text/content, and mylar with digitally printed text/content. While the book is intended to be displayed in the round (suspended vertically), it can also be read as a traditional book (text sections) by extending it, standing up, along a large table. Furthermore, the book structure is housed in a locked box that serves to extend the experience of the book itself: the viewer must unlock it to discover the contents that are literally held captive within. 

size: 12”x 12” x 3.5” closed;  4’x 4’ x .25” open; box size: 13.5”x 13.5” x 5”
structure/binding: modified accordion with snake fold, custom hinged-lid box
materials: bookboard, metal hinges, plexiglas, mirror, mylar
edition: 2